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Diaper Service FAQ’s

Do I need to rinse soiled diapers?

No, rinsing or dunking are not required, we prefer you don’t! Simple put diapers in our bag for babies that haven’t started on solid food yet. After solids are started, poop will be more solid. Drop this poop into toilet to reduce odor, it’s the shake, rattle and roll method, then toss in our bag.

Can I use the diapers as “burp cloths”

Yes, you can use diapers in any way for baby’s needs. Diapers will need to be rinsed if used for “burp cloth” or used to clean up milk to avoid mildew growth or stains.

Can I use diapers for other uses than baby?

No, you can only use diapers for baby. Cleaning, dusting, waxing, dog chews or any other non-baby related use will ruin our diapers and they will be taken out of service. You will be responsible for replacement cost of $2.00 each.

Can I wash the diapers myself?

No, please do not wash our diapers. Home laundering is not permitted, it can cause problems, we use a specific wash formula. If home laundered, you will be responsible for replacement cost of $2.00 each.

Can I use a diaper genie or another kind of diaper pail commonly used for disposable diapers?

No, when using a diaper pail commonly used for disposable diapers you run the risk of creating mold. Only use the diaper pale that is provided to you or approved by Cotton Club Diapers.

What do I do if I’m going to run out before my next delivery?

Call us before it’s an emergency. We can usually get enough diapers to you, then check your diaper count and adjust if necessary.

Can I use diaper creams?

Yes, most diaper creams are fine. Regular Desitin cannot be used because it will stain the diaper.

What do I need to use cotton diapers besides the diapers?

We recommend 4 to 5 diaper covers, a pack of Snappi and diaper hamper for soiled diapers. You are not required to purchase these items from us but they are available in our online store for your convenience. Diaper pail can be any type of container with good fitting lid. Our bag can be used to line any 13 gallon trash can. If you’re using Busch diaper pail, place liner in pail without going over upper edge, leave zipper open to place diapers in bag, end of week zip up and remove from pail.

What do I do on my delivery day? 

Zip up the bag we provided, set your soiled diapers out before 8 AM in predetermined location. Please make sure there is some protection from elements, direct sun, rain, snow. We will pick up dirty bag and leave bag with clean diapers.

What do I do if I forget to set out my soiled diapers?

If our driver arrives and no bag is there for pick up, he will make an attempt to call phone number on file. If driver can’t contact you for soiled diapers your clean diapers will not be left for you and you will be charged a fee for re-delivery.

What happens if I get the starter kit before my baby is born but don’t order replacement diapers after the baby is born?

It is your responsibility to contact us when your baby is born so we can set up regular delivery dates for you. Failure to contact us will result in the loss of your payment and you will still be responsible for returning the diapers provided for you.